Mets vs. Yankees: Our City's Most Heated Rivalry!

When it comes to sports rivalries, New York City is involved in perhaps the biggest one in all of sports: The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. No rivalry is more heated or has existed longer. But a less well known but equally heated rivalry exists in this town that doesn't sleep: The friendly rivalry between the Mets and Yankees. New York has been a battleground for baseball teams before. In the days when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn and the Giants still called the Polo Grounds in Manhattan home, the Yankees continued to be at the top of the baseball world and non-Yankee fans in New York hated them for it. The Dodgers often had great teams, but between 1941 and 1953 they just couldn't get past the Yankees to win the World Series. They met five times in the Series during this period, with the Yankees coming out on top each time. Then 1955 happened. "Dem Bums" finally won. But the Dodgers and Giants were destined to leave town. The Mets replaced them in 1962, yet despite World Series appearances in 1969 and 1973, no rivalry materialized. The Mets-Yankees rivalry finally began to percolate in the 1980s, when the Yankees seemed to perennially be in second place and the Mets became a dominant team, most notably during their memorable 1986 World Series season. For a time, the cult of the Mets seemed to surpass that of the Yankees. Rather than the Yankees, it was the Mets who were the toast of the town. When interleague play was introduced in 1997, the rivalry really kicked into gear. Just a few years later, the teams would meet in the 2000 World Series for New York's first "Subway Series" in decades. The Yankees won. Ever since, the Yankees/Mets rivalry has been hotter than ever, with the teams playing six heated games against one another every season. Which team is the city's favorite? We may never know! But we do know that if you are staying in New York City, you have great access to both Yankee Stadium and Citi Field from right here in Long Island City! And be sure to visit us on Facebook for lots more about New York City!