Ramen the Way It's Meant to Be

For most of us, the words “ramen noodles” conjure up visions of spartan dorm rooms and late nights poring over problem sets or term papers. But those lucky folks who’ve experienced Mu Ramen, one of the many hidden treasures you’ll find tucked away here in Long Island City, know better. Tender, succulent noodles, choice meats, and spicy cabbage mingle in one of Mu Ramen’s most popular signature dishes. If you’re in the mood for something other than noodles, the chef has much to offer as well, with specialties to whet the appetite of vegetarian and carnivore alike. When Time Out New York reviewed Mu Ramen, they lamented that the journey there was “a trek worthy of Tolkien.” Not so for you, since this hidden gem is within walking distance of our Holiday Inn Manhattan View hotel.

Address: 1209 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City