"The Ride" Is A Wild Way To Tour Manhattan

If you're spending time in a New York City hotel and want to tour Manhattan, you can see the sights pretty easily; and in this case, you can do it with a twist! The Ride gives passengers the quintessential New York with a kick. This isn't just a bus ride, it's a bus ride combined with a theatrical experience. Turning the city into a stage with music, dance, and loads of info about the city, The Ride is a super-sized, technologically amped bus that travels the streets of the city. Passengers have front row seats to the Big Apple with stadium seats facing massive windows. Riders won't miss a single moment of this 4.2-mile route. The best part is that if you're ever in need of something to do or want to see more you can go back because you'llnever see the same show twice! The bus travels from Grand Central Station to Central Park, giving riders a first look or a whole new look at New York and its people in a way we bet you've never seen before! Yes, you might learn something, but more importantly, you'll laugh and you'll be amazed! According to, Sara Haines, of "Today" described The Ride as "the hottest new way to see New York City", The Rideis "interactive, entertaining experience touring the streets of Manhattan" that's "part flash mob, part theater on wheels." The next time you're visiting the city, or even if you already live here, don't miss your chance to experience the greatest city on Earth in this unique way. Whether you've lived around Manhattan for many years, you've just moved, or you're just visiting, this is a great show! For more great things to do in New York City, be sure to follow Holiday Inn Manhattan View on Facebook!