Tips for Packing Light and Efficiently

How many times have you found yourself overwhelmed while trying to pack? You don't need to be overwhelmed anymore! Traveling can be a great experience, especially if you learn how to pack light and efficiently. It is a lot easier to enjoy yourself when you aren't worried about carrying tons of luggage, and you'll save some money too! If you'll be staying at a New York City hotel, these tips will help you pack light:

  • Call ahead! If you call where you're staying ahead of time, you can find out if they provide some of the bulkier items you would generally pack. Some of these items could include beach towels, irons and blow driers. If you don't have to pack these items you'll save a lot of space in your luggage.
  • Don't pack "just in case" items. More than likely you won't use them and they'll just be taking up space that you could have used for something you needed! If there are "just in case" items you could use once you arrive, you will probably be able to buy them wherever you are.
  • Take advantage of laundry services. If you use the laundry services, you can pack less clothing and just wash it while you're there. This will save room in your luggage, especially if you want to buy things once you get where you're going.
  • Make a list! Making a packing list (and sticking to it) can really help you avoid over-packing. You'll know what items you need to bring, and will be less likely to pack things just to pack them.
  • Wear your heaviest items while traveling. This will help you to save room in your suitcase.
  • Think about whether you could walk for a long time with the luggage you have packed. Travelers often underestimate how much they will be walking with their luggage. If you'd be uncomfortable walking with it for a long period of time, rethink some of the things you've packed.
  • Leave space for souvenirs! If your luggage is fully packed, you won't have room to bring home anything you bought while traveling.
  • Pack clothes that can be re-purposed. Pack things that can be dressed up or dressed down, so you don't have to bring double the amount of clothing. You can also pack with a consistent color scheme so that anything in your suitcase matches something else.

Traveling with the right luggage can also help you to pack efficiently. Many companies make personal organizers that are great for traveling! L.L. Bean makes an organizer that is perfect for packing your toiletries. It has a hook that you can hang it with so that everything is convenient, and many pockets that make organizing your toiletries easier than ever. There are also compact duffel bags that fold up into themselves so you can pack it in your luggage and then have a second bag for the return trip. Armed with these tips you'll be a pro at packing lightly and efficiently, and you'll have a great time traveling! Follow the Holiday Inn Manhattan View on Facebook to learn more about us and plan the trip of a lifetime!