Watching the World Cup in the Big Apple

New York City--specifically the borough of Queens--has been declared the most ethnically diverse community in the world! No wonder World Cup 2014 frenzy has taken over, and we can boast our local fans from 100 nations, shouting out in 138 languages, will be among the world's noisiest. While competitive soccer is still a sport with much growth into the future in the USA, The World's City will be the setting for a United Nations of Soccer. Eight groups and 32 teams are competing in Brazil. The Holiday Inn Manhattan View wants all our guests to have the best choices possible for viewing starting today, and we offer many suggestions so that on each day of telecasting, visitors can still enjoy their sightseeing and shopping, then join fans in a convenient pub or beer garden or local ethnic bar of their own country. You can return to us and watch from "home" at the Holiday Inn Manhattan View. We have suggestions for all over the city. Of course, our local neighborhood pubs and restaurants are a great choice. Our very own Rio Grande Churrassaria will be opening the patio for soccer viewing and great dining. Please check their Facebook page and plan to enjoy World Cup viewing and Brazilian dining with us. Our Queens neighborhood suggestions:

Suggestions all over in Manhattan -- Brooklyn -- Queens: