When You Travel, Travel With Peace Of Mind

You're so excited to go on vacation and so concerned about whether you packed enough, you forget to lock the back door. You don't remember until the first day of your trip, and then spend precious relaxation time trying to get in touch with someone at home who can lock the door. That doesn't sound like a way to relax during your stay in a New York City hotel, does it? That is why we have created this list of tips to make sure you enjoy peace of mind while you're away.

  • The most basic thing you want to do is be sure to lock up all windows and doors. Make yourself a check list before you are stressed with packing or catching a flight of all of the doors and windows that need to be locked. Before you leave check off each one individually as you lock it.
  • Even though we hope the only people you're communication with online are your friends, there might be internet onlookers you don't necessarily see. You might want to reconsider posting about your trip online until after you're home. Remember, posting about it beforehand tells people that your house or apartment will be empty!
  • Unplug all electronics. Your computer, TV, coffee pot and any other electronics should be unplugged before you leave. You might want to make a list of these items before the day of the trip and cross them off as you unplug them. More than that, you should make sure your GPS is protected with a pass code so that your home address isn't accessible to anyone.
  • Stop your newspaper and mail delivery for the duration of your trip. Piled up newspapers and an overflowing mailbox are key indicators that no one is home and hasn't been for a while.
  • Schedule a landscaper or a trusted neighbor to maintain the lawn while you're gone. If your trip is only a week long, this might not be necessary, but any longer and you will want to have to have the grass cut.
  • Don't leave your house spotless and completely vacant of life. Make it appear as though someone could be home any minute. Leave coffee mugs out on the counter and put a few lights on timers.
  • Have someone keep an eye out for your home. Even with the newspaper and mail stopped, businesses sometimes leave flyers which can say "We're not home" if not taken down in a timely fashion. Consider having a house sitter. Hire a trusted friend to stay at your house while you're away. This will cover many of these topics and they can also give you updates to keep you stress free on your trip.

Some of these tips are optional, and others are "must-do's" before you travel to New York City. No matter how safe your hometown is, the truth is that bad things do happen, and we want your home to stay safe! For more great tips be sure to follow the Holiday Inn Manhattan View on Facebook!